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ashdon golf testimonials


"Finally got to use my new putter at the Diamond Bar Golf Course. First time out no three putts! Perfect weight! It looks like I will like your putter better than the 25 putters I already have." Robert, Seal Beach, CA

"You have made my game with the Grand Bahama putter and this week I won my flight in the American Seniors Golf Association tournament on Cape Cod." Allan Wagenheim

"The weight of the putter and the way it holds it's line are the best things for me." Julia, UK

"Ron, I enjoyed meeting you on the practice green at the Marriott Desert Springs. I especially want to thank you for introducing me to your exceptional putter. I have put away my other five putters and cut at least five to ten strokes off my score card. The Bermuda Triangle Putter is everything you held it out to be. I love it!" Louis E. Spomer, Denver, Colorado

"I bought my Bermuda Triangle Putter 3 years ago and I still love it. I am offered free putters all the time, but I would never consider changing. Your putter is the best putter I have ever used." Denis Zegar

"Ron, I purchased one of your putters at the Westlake putting green last week. I've used it three of four times since then and it actually did cut about 5 strokes from my score. I now look forward to putting." Dick Prezzano

"I can't say enough about the Bermuda Triangle Putter, other than I've tried just about every putter on the market and keep coming back to my trusted Bermuda Triangle. When I use it I know I have an unfair advantage. In fact, I just bought another one as a backup...I don't ever want to be without it." Bob Slapin

"I've had your putter for about 6 weeks. It has been subjected to Men's Club Tournament pressure, NCGA qualifier pressure and interclub pressure. It has never let me down. What's delightful is having both distance contgrol and the ability to make a lot of short putts, and to have 2 to 3 footers pretty much 'gimmies". I'm really glad it's in MY bag." Andrew Marland

"I am an avid golfer and was always searching for the right putter. I had a Taylor Made Rossa and even purchased a Ping long putter. Nothing was working for me. I wanted to feel confident that I could make the short ones without opening and closing the putter. And I wanted to assure a two putt from long range. Ron, finally you showed up at my course two months ago and introduced me to the Bermuda Triangle Putter. After, you showed me, I then experienced the straight back and straight through feel of these amazing putters. Since then I have been sinking everything. I have regained my confidence on the greens with this putter in my bag. Thank you, Ron, for designing such a great putter." Len Stoll, Woodland Hills, CA

"Ron, I tried your putter at the Marriott Desert springs Resort when you had your display set up last Sunday, and I decided to buy one at the turn after experiencing some lousy putting results on the front 9. No bull - I didn't miss a putt within 10 feet on the entire back nine. The other guys in my foursome were busting my chops about buying the club, at least until they saw the results first hand. The great results continued over the next two days as well, and now my manager, who golfed those rounds with me, is kicking himself for not having bought one after borrowing mine numberous times...It's a pleasure to line up a putt and stand over it with confidence! You were right - "just aim and stroke! Thanks! Ron Axsom

"I have been putting with the original Bermuda Triangle for several years. I am a 14 handicap who was having trouble putting since hurting my left elbow years ago. My right hand just became too dominant. I swing right handed - but adopted a left-handed, right hand low putting storke with the Bermuda Triangle. This combination allows me to consistently make a smooth pass and prevents my dominant right hand from really taking over. A lot of golfers are always experimenting with different putters. I haven't felt that urge in years." Dr. Roger G. Dear, Mission Viejo Country Club

"I purchased a Guided Missile putter from you last week at Silverrock. I wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying the putter. I really like the way it allows me to set up on the line and get my eyes over the ball. The weight of the putter is great. Once it is set on the line it holds it on the swing. Just wanted to pass along the feedback. Ken Smith

"Dear Ron, Diane and I just finished our first round of golf using our new sets of Ashdon Golf Clubs and we wanted to let you know that we couldn't be happier with them!
I've been an avid fan of the Ashdon Putter for the past five years or so since first meeting you out in the desert. But, I have to say that you have outdone yourself with the design and engineering of your irons and woods!. I'm a 15 handicapper and hit the ball like a scratch golfer for the first nine holes - one birdie (on the very first hole,) five pars and three bogies!! My drives were easily 20 yards longer on average than normal and my irons - utilizing the "squaring up" effect of the red arrow - were straighter and more accurate than ever for me. Even when I pulled the approach shots - which has been a tendency for me lately - the shots were only slightly off target.
My wife Diane was equally happy with the clubs. She hit the longest drive I have ever seen her hit - just short of 200 yards, and, once she got the hang of using the arrow to get her shots lined up properly, she hit some beautifully accurate irons and rescue club shots too. Now I am even a more avid fan of your entire Ashdon line of clubs and will be happy to share my experience and recommendation to anyone who may be considering purchasing them. Take care and thanks for creating the Ashdon Golf Clubs. I'm glad I crossed paths with you!! Sincerely, Jon Rappaport, Orono, Minnesota

"Thank you for the putter that you sent to me and my dad. It will help me for sure on my high schools golf team. I can tell that it has already improved my putting. I am grateful that you sent them to us. Thank you once again, Trevor Carr

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